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Download Fiesta Bar

This arrow allows you to position the FiestaBar™ top or bottom of your screen.

This button takes you to your Cashfiesta.com Statistics page.

This is how many points you have earned for the current month.

This is how many referrals you have in total including referrals to the 8th level.

Here you can set various options of FiestaBar™

Choose a position for the FiestaBar™

Configure auto or manual launch. Choosing auto launch will allow the FiestaBar™ to start automatically when you login to Windows, while if you choose "manual" you will have to double-click on the FiestaBar™ icon or shortcut to launch it.

Choose to save your password when logging in

"?" will take you to the Help page

"x" closes the Settings window

Select skin type

This button takes you to the Cashfiesta.com Referral Center.

This button takes you to the Cashfiesta.com Special Offers page.

Click here if you need help or to send us your feedback.

Click here to hide the FiestaBar™. When you click "hide" the FiestaBar™ will disappear from your screen becoming inactive. To have it back either double-click the FiestaBar™ systray or right-click on the systray icon and choose the "Show Fiesta Bar" option from the menu.

Click here to close the FiestaBar™.

Advertising space

FiestaBar™ Status Area. In this area you can see whether the FiestaBar™ is active and you are earning points or not. This will be indicated by the FiestaBoy:
- FiestaBoy walking means you are earning points (i.e. you are making money online).
- FiestaBoy sleeping means you are not earning points. If he's taking a siesta, there's no Cashfiesta!
- At certain intervals you will be shown this picture. To resume earning points you will have to click on it and do as requested

Technical Requirements for Online TV

-Streamings can take some time to load.
- Windows Media Player and Real Player latest version
- If you are viewing through Firefox, please install the FireFox WM plugin - Download
- If you are viewing through Internet Explorer, please activate the active X plugin
- You will require a stable internet connection in order to view Live content
- (If any of the channel is not working it may be a temporary issue)

The owner of this website say,s

IF any 1 of u want me to built a website like this of your own contact me at ((hussain.compain@gmail.com))I am a professional live tv, radio & mush more web builder Don,t worry about its payment, Payment is depended on the website me to built that how hard your website is for me to make,But let me say that it is not hard to make like this kind of website,That,s why don,t worry about payment because payment will b normal that every one can afford who sit on internet.
any way always b happy

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